As a resource management firm, at ERM we are committed to our clients when it comes to offering sustainability solutions. We know how important sustainability it comes to the development and growth of any firm, especially for socioeconomic development. Sustainability is the process of utilizing the current resources but in such a way that it will compromise future generation from meeting their needs.


At our firm, we believe in providing our clients with the best kind of environmental, health, safety, risk, sustainability and social consulting type of services. As a reputable firm, we have been able to grow our business for the past years and have established a wide network. As we have developed, we have been able to largely increase our clients and rapidly increasing the quality of services that we offer. 

Environmental Compliance

At ERM, we know who important environmental compliance is, and that is why we utilize our resources in ensuring that you like a firm benefit from our management services. Managing certain obligation is not all about avoiding those financial penalties, but also protecting your organization’s performance and reputation. Read More



ERM is a dedicated company that is highly qualified in providing ideal sustainability related services; a few examples include health, environmental, social consulting, risk and much more. We offer services that are of very high quality and reliable so that we can keep our clients satisfied. We have been around for so many years, and that is why we know the importance of providing the best services to our large customer base. At ERM we can closely work with each of our clients and ensure they always get consistent, professional and quality types of services that will create value for them. Also, we share different knowledge between each other so that we can get new ideas which will assist us in serving our customers better in the future. In the long run, approaching our firm enables any business to have a gull understanding of the various factors that affect the management of sustainability challenges that affect various sectors in the market.

Our customer services

As a company, we know the importance of customers in any business. For this reason, our customers are always our priority and we treat them with the utmost respect and dignity. Visit our company and hire us and be sure to get the very best there is to offer. We have a very respectable reputation when it comes to our customers with constant referrals coming to us on a daily basis. Regular training is offered to all our employees so that they can serve our large client base with the full knowledge and necessary skills that are required to fulfill all their needs. We are very committed to our work, and that is why we can guarantee you as a customer satisfaction when you decide to hire our company.

Our services

Depending on your business or the industry that you are in, we offer all our clients with different services to meet their needs. With the right products and high quality, you are sure, not to get disappointed once you decide to work with us. Our services include providing services to diverse industry sectors to enable them to understand and manage numerous sustainability services fully. Our prices vary from the kind of service a client may want. To get more information, you can visit our team of specialized employees and us will guide you through.

Our service Areas

At ERM our services have been designed to meet numerous needs of our clients. We offer the ideal type of services designed to address challenges that will help meet the strategic strategies set within an organization or business. We have a professional team of trusted consultants and advisors who are at your disposal at any time when needed. We offer a different type of services including sustainability, operational performance, major capital projects, asset and portfolio management, health safety and risk, environmental compliance and much more.

As a client, you will immediately get the services that you need to make sure that you receive innovative solutions that will help your business grow and expand.